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Everything Else Happened 

Based on the stories of Jonathan Safran Foer

Adapted by David Kantounas


What is the sum of 18,000 invisible birds? Where is your voice between my phone and yours? Exactly how many kinds of silence are there? And is Jonathan dating anyone? I’m not prying but I’m very interested…


Inhabiting a world somewhere between Woody Allen and Samuel Beckett this hilarious and heartbreaking new piece based on the stories of Jonathan Safran Foer is about the gap between what could have happened and what actually did.

EVERYTHING ELSE HAPPENED  played throughout August at Assembly, Edinburgh Festival 2012.


'Intimate and beautifully poignant. In this heartbreaking and at times heartwarmingly funny show, each characters life is presented as a snippet in a simple room. Guaranteed to induce a lump in the throat.'

'A room crammed with furniture is paced by figures apparently oblivious to one another’s presence, lives gently connecting and disconnecting with little perceptible friction. Each of these figures take their turn to perform the monologues adapted by David Kantounas from Foer’s prose as the surrounding clutter gradually disperses, a visual emptying of the psychological mess from their lives until, in the concluding performance lecture, the space is left bare and poignantly unspoken emotions become a variation on algebra.'

'Dream Epic remain true to Foer’s tone creating, in Everything Else Happened, a moving, poignant, co-medic and engaging production.'​

Directors: David Kantounas / Adam Lenson 

Designer: Ann Gry Skovdal 

Composer: Matthew Evans

Video Design: Arran Shearing

Lighting: Simeon Miller 

Sound: Mike Thacker

Rhoda - Patti Love

​Man - Simon Scardifield 

The Magician - Harry Ditson

Jonathan - Adam Lenson



(4 stars) Plays to See 

(4 Stars) A Younger Theatre 

(5 stars) Three Weeks

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