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Gutter Junky 

By David Kantounas 


Harry, a young English writer, arrives in a foreign country on the brink of civil war. He’s there to make a difference, but his actions have catastrophic consequences that will resonate for years to come. 



Spanning continents and decades, this raw, poetic play looks at how dangerous good intentions can be, exploring the collision between personal responsibility and collective destinies.

GUTTER JUNKY was a co-production with Salida Productions and played throughout August at Assembly, Edinburgh Festival 2011.

'The script by David Kantounas is poignant and original, and this production does not fail to do it justice. With a cracking cast and simple but eloquent staging, this is a raw and cutting performance that will bring audiences to the brink.'

'Laden with political significance, the play becomes reminiscent of an illegal and brutal invasion of a weak country in the name of democracy. This is thought-provoking and wonderfully enacted play.'

​'This fast-moving, hard-hitting play has much to say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. James Cunningham plays Bill with unrelenting world-weary cynicism.  James Maxted carries off Harry’s early-years Tony Blair-style ‘Bambi’ to perfection. Andrea Pelaez combines fear, uncertainty and indignation in a perfect mix.'

Director - Fiona Clift 

Designer -  Ann Gry Skovdal 

Composer -  Alexis Ross

Video Design -  Adam Lenson

Lighting -  Nicki Brown

Sound -  David McSeveney



Bill - James Cunningham

Harry - Richard Maxted 

Girl - Andrea Pelaez

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